Understanding The 3 Levels

This article was written before our first Level 3, it details the significance of the three levels. 

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As I prepare to lead 14 brave souls into the unknown for my very first level 3 course I am touched by many things. The first being what a blessing to be able to share another layer of this work, practices that I have held onto for literally years waiting for the community to be ready for this next level of deepening in the journey.

Watching this awakening and integration that happens through a Tantric practice, I have noticed a certain natural unfolding of development.

First: in the level 1 process there is a great awakening of sleeping energy in the body. A feeling of renewed vitality, desire, natural power, a coming home to ourselves. As this energy awakens in the body, it is often bigger than we are used to ~ a feeling almost like we no longer fit in our old skin. Where once we were perhaps muted and contained now we are overflowing and many of us go through a phase of feeling a bit 'leaky' or a 'pressure' from so much vibrancy that we look for an outlet for because we don't know how to hold it.

It also often happens, that while we feel this new aliveness and vibrancy, we may still find that as we interact with others we cannot help but shut down. Feeling fully alive and open with ourselves can feel unknown and clumsy when we begin to explore how to integrate this 'more' of ourselves in partnership - this is where the level 2 comes in: living this awakening in relationship.

Being this alive changes how we relate to one another because we are owning who we are on a much deeper level. We are also more vulnerable and at the same time less likely to compromise. Learning to navigate relating from this place opens the doors for true intimacy- where a new kind of relationship can be discovered. At this stage, one may begin to feel even more energy moving through the body. Becoming sensitive to powerful surges and orgasmic waves running through us. This can be very exciting - it is also where many people studying Tantra lose the 'razors edge' that is essential to tapping into the heart of this work. It is easy to get 'fascinated' here and get caught in an endless loop of body-convulsions that are extremely pleasurable and an important part of the process, but by no means the end.. in fact, once the body wakes up to this kind of power, this is where the journey can truly begin.

The energy is awakened in the body and we now begin the process of refinement.

In our preparation class for the level 3 I shared with the group that I am more likely to offer a level 3.1/ 3.2/ 3.3 than a level 4 - for the simple reason that I consider myself very much in this stage and I don't yet know what is beyond it. It is a stage I have been immersed in for at least 3-5 years and I find it very rich and multifaceted.

It is in this stage that we can have our first touches of a truly orgasmic state- where energy moves beyond powerful surges and opens out into a pure bliss. This state is beyond excitement and is totally sustainable. One might call this state when it is sustained, 'enlightenment'. It is quiet, it is full, from this place every touch, every taste, ever interaction is filled with texture and relationship. Every breath is an act of lovemaking and the body is soft and dynamic at the same time.

From here, rather than feeling 'full' or 'overflowing' from the energy that is awakening in the body- rather than seeking to 'release' this intensity- we learn to 'hold' the energy in our bodies and allow it to nourish and sensitize us. We don't 'hold' it tight, we absorb. In this state physical strength plays an important role as we make the container of our body bigger to receive the intensity of energy moving through. Rather than a small overflowing container, we grow the container to be large and strong enough to hold the intensity.

In real life this translates to; walking through life with a kind of glow that naturally attracts people to you, becoming sensitive to nuances of situations, 'reading' the energy of those we interact with, feeling a deep sense of ease and oneness, not having anything to prove, allowing for elements of intimacy that will feel totally new, feeling harmony inside ourselves, being open to a fierce honesty with ourselves and those in our lives, and of course lovemaking transforms into truly a tool for awakening - opening the gateway to the unknown and allowing us to at once be totally in this world while at the very same time dancing with a union beyond the confines of our bodies. Ultimately becoming or truly knowing ourselves as Shakti & Shiva - the elements of this world constantly in union, becoming the embodiment of everything and nothing at the same time.

There is so much more to say about this unfolding journey, it is complex and absolutely pure and simple in the same breath...

Here's to the adventure we will embark on this weekend and here is to your personal exploration ~ wherever you are at on this journey.

in love,

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