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Entering into The Unknown

Level 3 . Tantra Intensive
January 19th -22nd, 2017. Southern California
Prep: January 8th / Immersion: January 19th-22nd / Follow up: February 5th

 "Whatever Charu says, I just roll with it at this point, I have done enough with her to know that it will always lead me somewhere great."

Beloved Friends,

I am so excited to feel that we have another group of people who are ready for the next step in this Tantra journey. We have had such a strong beginning and there is SO MUCH MORE richness of this work that I have been longing to share with all of you to refine our process of truly living this love in the world.

Level 3 . Where do we go from here?:

"Somehow you manage to make the process so gentle, you bring a sense of play and joy and hold us through transitions that lead to a powerful deepening and suddenly, without effort, here we are, somewhere totally new."

  • Refinement: Working with creating a strong container within the body to be able to ‘hold’ this energy rather than disperse it. We have done so much to re-connect with our bodies and get the energy flowing and often we are not ‘containing’ it and truly absorbing it allowing more strength, presence and vibrancy in the body, we would begin to explore process to facilitate this kind of integration.

  • Loving our humanness: Going deeper into breaking through body-image challenges & cultural norms around sexuality that have held us back, learning to love our bodies and feel accepted, coming back into innocence.

  • Getting very real: Accelerated feedback. We can’t always see our patterns no matter how conscious we become. As we go deeper, I can work with those who are ready to highlight certain blind spots to open us to possibilities beyond what we can see. 


      "I spent years trying to control my sexual nature, and it turns out it was locked in the same box as my divine nature."

    "It's a bit hard to find the right words to describe the impact of the Entering the Unknown weekend, mostly because the shift that occurred for me was at such a deep level, and it's still moving through me in a place that feels beyond the reach of words. Through the practices, the support of other participants, and the sacred container created and held by Charu - I learned to stop fighting to hold my power and instead allow my power to hold me. 
    I discovered that this power dances with me and through me when I simply take time to play, allow myself to "be", and embrace the wild and sensual woman that I've always been. I spent years trying to control my sexual nature, and it turns out it was locked in the same box as my divine nature. It was such a comfortable fit sliding back into the fiercest and most vital parts of my soul, and it's still as soft and colorful as I remembered. And this delicious journey continues, opening me up to new ways of showing up more authentically in every aspect of my life. Exquisite!" ~ Tamara

Awakening Beyond the Known

Women ~
  • At the event I will be sharing a practice to the women specifically that is one of the most powerful practices I have ever encountered.

  • This practice:
    • Deeply re-connects us with our authentic power in a BIG WAY
    • Releases sexual trauma
    • Makes us available for being met on a new level
    • Opens our body to more pleasure
    • Brings us into an awakened state
    • AND even makes us look younger and more radiant (truly).

Men ~
  • Martin will be taking you through a process that touches into those hard to reach places to rediscover your power.

  • This practice:
    • Puts you in touch with sources of power that you may have never connected with.
    • Releases shame and ways you have held your power back.
    • Dissolves the fragmenting between heart and balls. Allowing women to feel your love through your desire for them ~ rather than feeling that you just want to get something from them.
    • Opens a tremendous amount of space in the body to allow for this power we are awakening to integrate. Translation: more confidence in your daily life and with women.


"I experienced my personal power in a way that will never leave me, I claimed it with the support of the most amazing teacher and loving community." 

"My life is forever changed in such a beautiful way since level 3. It feels like all I have been working on spiritually has just become easy! Like an overnight success.... That took 20 years. 
I experienced my personal power in a way that will never leave me, I claimed it with the support of the most amazing teacher and loving community. And I continue to claim it daily as it now feel like my power integrated into my everyday life."  ~Satya

Important Details

*This event will be limited to 12 participants for more personal attention.

Prep class
Sunday, Jan 8th 
  • Here we will learn the special and intense awakening & clearing practice as well as check in about your personal visions, etc.

Thursday- Sunday, Jan 19th-22nd
  • Probably in Ojai ~ more details later...promise it will be super-awesome!
  • All meals & shared lodging included (extremely limited availability of private rooms for additional fee)

Follow up class
Feb 5th
  • Sharing & integration circle 


[Women] *Special Training* Create a monthly support group/ practice
  • TBD
  • This training is especially for the women who would like to create a practice group with our special practice that we learn at the level 3.
At this meeting:
  • We will do the practice together.
  • I will teach you and give you a template for how to practice this on your own to continue to meet and share this with one another.
  • I may invite previous level 3 attendees so we can continue to grow the loving community.

[Men] *Special Training* Learn Ritual for Supporting the Healing of Woman
  • TBD
  • I really can’t say more about this because it is a terrific surprise…what I can say is that you seriously want to do this!
  • Learning this ritual will shift the way you experience women forever.
  • We will also talk about finding practice partners if you are not currently in intimate partnership.
Additional Community Building:

  • Private Facebook Forum ~ This becomes a place for us to really ‘hold one another’s hands’ and solidify the bonds that are being created before, during, and after the event. In this crazy world where it can be difficult to maintain authentic connections and where many of us are immersed in a lifestyle where we do not necessarily feel free to be ourselves, being able to easily communicate with like-minded people can make all the difference in the world. *This is also a forum where Charu and Martin communicate regularly with the group.

  • Buddy System ~ Of course!! ;) You will be lovingly connected with someone in the group to support you and be your champion throughout this process. We do it a little differently than we did at Level 2, powerful in a new way!

"You surprised me, I didn't think you would, I've done a lot of events and I thought I had some idea of what we were in for, somehow you managed to truly take us into uncharted territory" ~ Larry


...My desire is for all of my students to know that whatever life brings them, they have the courage and strength to integrate it.

This Intensive Immersion Event (including food & shared lodging), Prep class, and Follow-up class & additional bonuses
will be offered for
*Specials may apply*

*Applications will be reviewed in the order they are accepted.
Entering Into The Unknown . Level 3 Tantra Intensive    
*All meals & shared lodging included* There will be a limited number of private rooms available for an additional fee. Please request a private room on your application if you are interested.

Please note, if you are accepted into the program, your card will be charged. There are no refunds or credits for cancellations.  *There are no substitutes for bonuses that are included*

*Email us for an application:
Level 1 . &
Level 2 .
are prerequisites for this event.

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